Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is in full swing! We've just spent time with my husband's family for Thanksgiving, and then I head home to a full Christmas schedule with the Doorway Singers for the next few weeks until we head to Pennsylvania to spend time with my side of the family for Christmas.

Check out my Doorway schedule on my home page. Also, Celtica will be playing at First Night in Williamsburg on New Year's Eve!  I'd love to see you at a gig or two!

Jazz learning continues, though at a much slower pace than my patience would like :), but I continue to learn on my own and, when I can, with professionals. I learned so much from the few lessons I had with John Toomey this summer, and now I've started with Jae Sinnett, jazz drummer, composer, and radio personality. Our first lesson was great as we focused on rhythm and swing feel, and I am looking forward to further study with him. 

The closing of Havana Nights continues to be a disappointment for all of us in the jazz community; I'm really missing being able to go see vibrant, live shows just minutes from my home. It was like musical food for me listening to so many outstanding jazz musicians, and I really enjoyed the community of the staff and musicians as I got to know them each time I went. I can only continue to hope to find these things elsewhere.

Come the new year, I plan to start looking for more jazz bookings, both solo and with other musicians I've started networking wtih. 

I hope you enjoy the Christmas season! Favorite holiday beverages of mine are Starbucks' peppermint mocha (double tall, with 2 pumps of peppermint) and eggnog. To close, here's a picture from my performance at Aromas Cafe in Williamsburg a few weeks ago! 

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